• Grow your business.

    Become a Vault Services Reseller and help secure
    your clients valuable data offsite in redundant locations.




Who is this for?

The Partner Reseller program is designed for IT consultants, software publishers, and other software service and security providers who wish to provide the cloud backup solution to their customers as a value-added service.

Supported Platforms.

Not only can you run Vault Services on your customers’ laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, but the software comes pre-installed on nearly all major SOHO NAS devices.

Windows  Mac   iOS Android    NAS

Supported NAS: NETGEAR ReadyNAS, QNAP, Drobo, Western Digital, D-Link, Synology, and Thecus.


ElephantDrive has fully delivered on all my requirements! I feel like I am part of the ElephantDrive family: development team, support team, and sales team. My research took several weeks and the effort was worth it. ElephantDrive has won the confidence of The Workspace Solution, Inc.

– Stuart Sherlock


How it works


Account Management

Control most aspects of your customers’ backup settings from the partner portal site: create new accounts, configure backups & settings, view reports, and much more.

Own the Customer

You control the entire relationship with the customer. Own the pricing/billing, support, and communication.

Grow your Business

Create a new revenue stream for your business and provide the trusted Vault cloud backup solution to your customers.


Partner benefits


  • Recurring Margin: Directly bill your customers and collect recurring margins on renewals and upgrades.

  • Pay-per-use: Allocate any GB capacity, but pay only for the space used.

  • No License fees. Provision as many accounts as needed and backup unlimited number of devices all at no additional fees.

  • View customer backup reports right from the partner portal site.

  • Fully own the customer. Decide your price point, directly bill the customer, and be their first point of contact.

  • Profits – With our tiered pricing structure, you can earn more profits with increased data volume, resulting in higher potential profits for you.





What functionality/information can I access using the Partner Portal site?

The Vault Services Partner Portal enables you to add and manage your end-user accounts. You can also access helpful reports, configure Backups, and diagnose support issues directly from the portal interface.

Do the terms of the Reseller agreement allow for technical integration or development services (i.e. API service calls)?

While technical integration/development work falls outside the scope of our standard reseller agreement, these services are offered for a fee. Please contact us at resellers@vaultservices.net for more information.

How does the billing work?

Please contact us at resellers@vaultservices.net for information on pricing and the reseller billing process.

My customer wants to pay with their own credit card. Is that possible?

Yes, you can use different credit card for each one of your customers. Ask us about how to set that up.

I want to resell one of the Vault Services partners’ solutions. Is this possible?

Yes. Both ElephantDrive and NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS Vault have similar reseller programs. Contact us at resellers@vaultservices.net and we’d be happy to provide you with additional information

Do you have a white label solution?

The Vault Services solution is our white label offering. Vault Services is not directly available to end-consumers.

Can our company re-brand the Vault Services solution as our own?

While re-branding work falls outside the scope of our standard reseller agreement, these services are offered for a fee. Typically, we do re-branding for larger partners (i.e. GoDrive, NETGEAR ReadyNAS Vault, etc). Please contact us at resellers@vaultservices.net for more information.

How do I apply to the Vault Services Reseller Program?

To access a brief tutorial on the Vault Services Reseller Program application process, click here.
To apply to the Vault Services Reseller Program, apply here.



No Brand Cloud

Become Our Affiliate!

As our affiliate, you will be able to promote ElephantDrive and earn attractive commissions. Apply today to enjoy the many benefits that come with the program!


Who Is This For?

The Affiliate Program enables the affiliates to earn commissions with minimum levels of commitment in terms of support and on-boarding process. Affiliates earn a single large payout for each paying customer brought on to ElephantDrive. The customers that affiliates bring on are completely handled by the ElephantDrive Team.


Program Benefits

High Commissions

Our flat fee structure guarantees attractive payout to our affiliates even if the lead signs up for the lowest dollar amount plan. For top-performing affiliates, we will raise the payout higher and even pay for trial accounts.

Direct Access

We manage our Affiliate Program, which provides our affiliates with direct access to our marketing team for better support.

Reliable Platform

The program is managed through the HasOffers platform, providing reliable tracking and various reporting capabilities. Learn more about HasOffers here.


To learn more about the ElephantDrive Affiliate Program, feel free to visit our FAQ or contact our team.


How It Works

1. Apply Now

Start by filling out our Affiliate Program application and submitting to us. It’s quick and easy.

2. Get Approved

Our Business Development team will review your application and notify you upon approval.

3. Start Earning!

Promote ElephantDrive on your site and earn attractive commission for each new sale!